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6 month Online Golf Psychology Training Package

Monthly videos

Receive 2 new coaching videos every month for 6 months


Worksheets and exercises accompany each video to enhance your learning

Bonus Sessions

FREE access to live webinars every 8 weeks and invite to live workshop, twice per year

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Now £79!

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  • Manage your emotions effectively

  • Eliminate your nerves

  • Increase your confidence

  • Give yourself the best chance of winning

Just £79!

Session 1

Creating confidence

Session 2

Managing inner dialogue

Session 3

Visualisation and mental rehearsal

Session 4

Pre-shot routine

Session 5

Mindfulness in golf

Session 6

Coping with nerves

Session 7

Goal setting part 1

Session 8

How to practice

Session 9

Increasing confidence

Session 10

Dealing with distractions

Session 11

Goal setting part 2

Session 12

Learning into action

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