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About Me

I have been working as a Coach and Trainer since 2011. I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), certified Hypnotherapist and hold the PGA accredited Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate. 

I will de-mystify the science of golf psychology and give you powerful and practical performance techniques to enable you to be successful. 

I am not a professional golfer, I once shot 104 in a monthly medal and I still miss the occasional 3 foot putt. If you are looking for help with your swing then I'm not the right person - if you are serious about improving your mental approach to the game, then I look forward to hearing from you.

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Online Golf Psychology Training

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If you have any questions, please get in touch: jamie@jamieburrows.net

How I Can Help You Improve Your Game

Individual Coaching Sessions

Shoot lower scores, win more competitions or just get back to enjoying the game

We all have different challenges when it comes to our golf swings and our mental approach to the game is no different. First tee nerves, losing your head after a bad shot, letting your inner critic dictate to you, the list goes on.

Coaching sessions are individually tailored to tackle the elements of your mental approach to the game that is costing you shots. If you are serious about improving your game, get in touch to discuss how together we can improve your game without changing your swing.

Mental faults are harder to iron out than technical faults – especially on your own.

Prepare to play to your best
Mentally prepare to play your best with simple techniques that focus you on the things that impact your score the most.

Perform at your best
Discover simple but powerful philosophies to help you manage your mindset as you compete and high perform under pressure more often.

Progress to better
Understand the way that your brain works and continue to be successful. 

"Success depends almost entirely on how effective you learn to manage the game’s two ultimate adversaries: the course and yourself."
Jack Nicklaus

Achieve outstanding results instantly!

Imagine if you could stand over every putt with confidence that it was going in? 

How would it feel to remove first tee nerves forever? 

Would you like a psychological advantage over your fellow competitors? 

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful tool to improve and enhance an individual’s mental attitude by helping them to relax, remove anxieties and boost confidence. Access your inner resources and be the best golfer that you can be. 

Hypnosis for Golf

Group Session

Sessions for groups of up to 60 people, held at your Golf Club - A great way to increase clubhouse revenue or improve the performance of your club teams.

  • Stop your inner critic from interfering with your golf.

  • Boost your confidence on the course. 

  • Learn to focus at key moments during your round.

Fun and interactive 2 hour workshop for up to 40 golfers. Learn simple and usable mind control techniques to get the game you want. 

Get in touch for more information about holding a group session for the members at your Golf Club 


"I worked with Jamie for 6 months, with the aim of improving my game when playing competition golf. He has a very straightforward approach - there is no psychology jargon, just simple tools and techniques that help me focus on playing my best golf. The results have been better than I could have hoped for.

Thomas Walsh - Amateur Golfer

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